What comes from beans and offers an aroma more addictive than new car smell? Yes, coffee.
It’s National Coffee Day, and we want to honor this pleasing beverage by celebrating the king of all coffee cup holders – the car.
What’s the level of “caffeination” one can achieve?  It varies by vehicle. The new Yaris perks along with three cup and two bottle holders. The 2015 Camry gets things brewing with four cup and three bottle holders. The versatile Venza goes venti with a total of 10 beverage holders, four cup, six bottle. 

Not enough macchiatos for you?  The Highlander really stirs it up it up with eight cup and four bottle holders, as does the stylish new 2015 Sienna (LE grade and above), offering its eight occupants a whopping 12 cup/bottle holders.
But if you crave carrying as many iced cappuccinos as possible, the Sequoia allows you to fully espresso yourself. The Platinum grade of this grande SUV boasts 18 cup/bottle holders. 
So indulge in a demitasse to help commute the daily grind.

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