Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Missouri (TMMMO) Fact Sheet

Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Missouri (TMMMO) Fact Sheet

President: Wes Woods

Groundbreaking: 1991

Start of Production: 1993

Investment: $455 million

Plant Sites: 75 acres

Plant Sizes: 550,000 sq. ft.

Employment: 900

Products: cylinder heads

2019 Production: 2.8 million cylinder heads

Operations: low pressure casting, core making, die making

Impact on Missouri: The Center for Automotive Research (CAR) conducted a study based on 2015 data and found:

  • Direct employees (manufacturing-related and new vehicle jobs) earned $476 million in payroll
  • After taxes, their disposable personal income totaled $356 million, meaning that money was available to be spent in the Missouri economy
  • When those direct employees are combined with jobs at companies that supply TMMMO as well as spinoff jobs, Toyota is estimated to support 10,000 jobs in Missouri

Community investment: Toyota has donated more than $2.7 million to local non-profits in Missouri to meet critical needs and improve the quality of life in our plant communities.

Key Dates

  • 1912: Jesse R. Bodine founds the Bodine Pattern Company in St. Louis, Mo. to manufacture patterns for various customers, including Dorris and Moon Motor Cars.
  • 1935: Bodine enters the foundry business and becomes known as a quality aluminum casting facility.
  • 1990: A new chapter in the history of Bodine Aluminum begins in 1990 with the acquisition of Bodine by Toyota Motor Corporation.
  • 1991:  Toyota breaks ground at Bodine’s new headquarters in Troy, Mo.
  • 1993: Bodine begins production of cylinder heads and intake manifolds. Bodine’s first products ship to Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky (TMMK) for the Toyota Camry.
  • 2003: Customer demand for Toyota vehicles results in Bodine’s expansion and groundbreaking at the company’s plant in Jackson, Tenn.
  • 2005: The Tennessee plant starts production on engine blocks and transmission cases.
  • 2011: Toyota announces an $8.4 million investment in Missouri and Tennessee to support expanded production of six-speed automatic transmissions.
  • 2013: Toyota announces another $50 million investment in Troy, Mo.
  • 2017: Toyota announces that investments totaling $31.6M to be made in Tennessee and Missouri to help produce the first ever U.S.-made hybrid powertrain.
  • 2019:  Toyota announces a $62M investment in Missouri and a $50M investment and plant expansion in Tennessee.
  • 2020: Bodine Aluminum changes name to Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Missouri and Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Tennessee.

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