Established as a Toyota company in 1990, Bodine has three locations; two in Missouri and one in Tennessee. Bodine’s locations produce aluminum cast parts for our engines and transmissions.  In fact, every Toyota vehicle assembled in North America starts with an engine block and cylinder head made in Tennessee and Missouri.

President Wes Woods
Plant Site St. Louis: 11 acres
Facility: 150,000 sq. ft.Troy: 75 acres
Facility: 550,000 sq. ft.

Jackson: 200 acres
Facility: 450,000 sq. ft.

Investment $708 million (St. Louis, Troy and Jackson combined)
Employment: St. Louis: 100
Troy: 800+
Jackson: 300
Products: St. Louis: engine brackets and carrier covers
Troy: cylinder heads
Jackson: engine blocks and A/T parts
Operations: St. Louis: pattern making, core making, molding, heat treatment and finishing
Troy: core making, low pressure casting, machining and finishing
Jackson: die making, high pressure casting


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