Simone Manuel

The daughter of Marc and Sharron Manuel, Simone Manuel has two older brothers, Christopher and Ryan. Manuel began swimming at four years oldand becamean elite competitor just seven years later.

Nicknamed “Swimone,” Manuel is the first African American woman to win an individual gold medal in swimming. She is also the only woman to win seven medals in a single world championships, a feat accomplished at the 2019 World Championships in South Korea.

Manuel attended Stanford University where she still holds five swimming records. She also currently holds the American Record for the individual 100m free and all three relays –4x100m free, 4x200m free and 4x100m medley.

When not swimming, Manuel is passionate about changing the demographics of swimming and increasing the number of African American swimmers in the UnitedStates through her work with the Make A Splash Foundation and I Promise School.


Sport: Swimming

Hometown: Sugar Land, Texas

Currently Resides: Palo Alto, Calif.

Birthdate: August 2, 1996

Social Media: Twitter: @swimone; Instagram: @swimone; Facebook: @Swimone13

Toyota Vehicle: Toyota 4Runner

Olympic History: 2016


Competition Highlights

  • 2013 World Championships, gold (4x100m free relay)
  • 2015 World Championships, gold (4x100m mixed free relay), bronze (4x100m free relay)
  • Olympic Games Rio 2016, gold (100m free, 4x100m medley relay), silver (50m free, 4x100m free relay)
  • 2017 World Championships, gold (100m free, 4x100m free relay, 4x100m medley relay, 4x100m mixed medley relay), bronze (50m free)
  • 2019 World Championships, gold (50m free, 100m free, 4x100m free relay, 4x100m medley relay), silver (4x100m free relay, 4x100m mixed medley relay, 4x200m free relay)


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