Toyota Pilots New Mobility Concept in Retail for Underutilized Urban Property

MOUNTAIN VEW, Calif. (June 10, 2021) — In its transformational shift to a mobility company, Toyota is exploring future ways to expand its mobility services by pioneering and testing new service concepts. Enter the Toyota Agile Space (TAS), which will pilot in a retail application beginning in June. “Our role for Toyota is to be futurists, asking what societal problems need to be solved, and then designing future mobility solutions around them,” said Akio Orii, vice president at Toyota Motor North America R&D and head of InfoTech Labs (ITL). “In this application, we see many brick-and-mortar retailers forced to close their doors and retail landlords having underutilized space, so we pioneered an experiential solution that gives rise to a leaner, more flexible retail model in the physical world.”

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