Toyota Statement Regarding Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

Currently, Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) has established a company-wide emergency task force to assess the situation and take initial measures.
As of now, Toyota has confirmed that there have been no injuries at the Tokyo head office, as well as the Higashifuji, Tochigi office, Yamanashi office, and Toyota Motor Tohoku facilities.
We are presently gathering information on Central Motor Corporation and Kanto Auto Works.
All TMC plants have restarted production.
The plants that have stopped production are Toyota subsidiary plants, including:
Employees at these facilities have been evacuated to safe areas. 
We are also currently assessing the situation at our suppliers, dealers and the impact on North American import vehicles.
Toyota’s number one priority is to support our employees at TMC, our partner companies, suppliers and dealers through this situation. We will continue to provide updates as new information becomes available.