Customer FAQs for Lexus GS 300 and GS 350 AWD Recall

1. Which models are affected by the recall?


Lexus is recalling approximately 20,000 2006 and early 2007 model year GS 300 and GS 350 All-Wheel Drive vehicles.  No other vehicles are involved in this recall.


2. What is the condition that prompted Lexus to take this action?


In involved vehicles, the plastic pad embedded into the driver’s side floor carpet may interfere with the operation of the accelerator pedal arm if the floor carpet around the accelerator pedal is not properly replaced in the correct position after a service operation. If this occurs, the accelerator pedal could temporarily become stuck in a partially depressed position rather than return to the idle position, which may increase the risk of a crash.


3. What is Lexus doing to address this issue?
Lexus dealers will modify the shape of the plastic pad embedded into the vehicle’s floor carpet.
4. Are there any warnings for this condition?


No, there are no warnings that this condition will occur.


5. When can I get my vehicle fixed?
Owners of involved vehicles will receive a Safety Recall notification by first class mail beginning in early March 2011.


6. How long will the modification take?


The modification will take approximately 30 minutes, depending upon the dealer’s schedule.


7. Is this update covered by warranty?  Will drivers have to pay any money out of pocket for this repair?


This modification will be conducted at no charge to owners of involved vehicles.


8. What should I do if I still have questions or concerns?
Detailed information and answers to questions are available to customers at and at Lexus Customer Satisfaction at 1-800-25 LEXUS or 1-800-255-3987, Monday through Friday, 5:00 am to 6:00 pm, Saturday 7:00 am through 4:00 pm PST.