Bodine Aluminum, Inc. Fact Sheet

Established as a Toyota company in 1990, Bodine is a Toyota affiliate with three locations; two in Missouri and one in Tennessee. Bodine’s locations produce aluminum cast parts for our engines and transmissions.



President Robert Lloyd
Plant Site
St. Louis: 12 acres

Facility: 117,000 sq. ft.       

Troy: 80 acres 

Facility: 452,000 sq. ft.

Jackson: 200 acres



$662.1 million (projected) (St. Louis, Troy and Jackson combined)



St. Louis: 226

Troy: 512

Jackson: 310

Annual Production Capacity (pounds/yr):


St. Louis: 8M
Troy: 180M

Jackson: 150M



St. Louis: engine brackets and carrier covers

Troy: cylinder heads, cylinder blocks and A/T parts

Jackson: cylinder blocks and A/T parts

St. Louis: pattern making, core making, molding, heat treatment and finishing

Troy: melting, core making, low pressure casting, gravity casting, machining and finishing

Jackson: cast aluminum parts