Toyota Seeks Information on Sean Kane's Activities in Support of Litigation Against the Company

Toyota issued the following statement regarding a subpoena it has served to Sean Kane, a consultant to plaintiffs’ counsel, in the ongoing federal Multi-District Litigation related to his research, public statements and interaction with other parties regarding claims of unintended acceleration in Toyota vehicles.
“Sean Kane is a paid consultant for trial lawyers involved in litigation against Toyota, and this subpoena to Mr. Kane is a routine part of the litigation process.   Mr. Kane’s allegations about unintended acceleration in Toyota vehicles have never had any credible scientific basis, and have been thoroughly debunked by exhaustive NHTSA and NASA studies.  The subpoena seeks documents related to the investigation of these allegations.
“Since Mr. Kane has repeatedly claimed that Toyota and NHTSA have not been ‘transparent’ -- going so far as to sue NHTSA for the release of documents related to its investigation of Toyota vehicles -- we would expect that Mr. Kane and the plaintiffs' lawyers supporting him would welcome this subpoena as an opportunity to share the full scope of Mr. Kane's research and communications surrounding this matter.”