Masafumi Hamaguchi

Masafumi Hamaguchi

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Mississippi, Inc.


Masafumi Hamaguchi is president of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Mississippi, Inc. (TMMMS) located in Blue Springs, Mississippi outside Tupelo.  TMMMS will begin production of the Toyota Corolla in the fall 2011.


His latest assignments include general manager of sales operation planning in 2009 and manager of production control in 2008 at Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC).


Mr. Hamaguchi joined TMC’s headquarters in 1985 and progressed through a series of positions in the external affairs division.  In 1992, he assumed a position in the administration division at the Tsutsumi plant, one of Toyota’s largest assembly plants in Japan.


In 1997, he returned to TMC’s headquarters as assistant manager of production control where he was responsible for overseeing the ordering of parts and materials, scheduling assembly and monitoring inventory for Toyota’s Japan region.


From 2004-07, Mr. Hamaguchi served as senior advisor of production control and on-site supplier support for Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Texas, Inc.; thus collaborating in  the establishment of the Tundra plant in San Antonio.


Mr. Hamaguchi is a native of Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. He graduated from Kobe University’s Faculty of Economics in 1985, and joined TMC that year.