Fujio Cho

Fujio Cho
Honorary Chairman
Toyota Motor Corporation

Fujio Cho was born February 2, 1937. He graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Tokyo in March 1960 and joined Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) in April the same year.

In 1984, Mr. Cho was appointed a department general manager in the Logistic Management Division, while co-serving as a project general manager in the Production Control Division. He was named a director of TMC in September 1988, and later that year, he became president of Toyota Motor Manufacturing U.S.A., Inc. (now Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky, Inc. (TMMK). He returned to Japan in September 1994 where he was named a managing director at TMC, and in June 1996, he became a senior managing director. In June 1998, Mr. Cho became an executive vice president and then president in June 1999. In June 2005, Mr. Cho assumed the position of vice chairman, before becoming chairman in June 2006. He became honorary chairman in June 2013.

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