Yoshimasa Ishii

Yoshimasa Ishii
Toyota Motor Corporation
Date of birth: April 22, 1953

Home country: Japan

Education: Bachelor’s degree in commerce and management, Hitotsubashi University, 1976

Apr. 1976 Joined Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC)
Jan. 2000 Project general manager, Sales & Marketing Department, Europe Division
Jan. 2001 Chief coordinating executive, Toyota Motor Marketing Europe NV/SA
Jun. 2005 Managing officer, TMC
Jun. 2009 Senior managing director
Jun. 2009 Chief officer, Product & Business Planning Group
Jun. 2010 Chief officer, Europe Operations Group
Jun. 2011 Senior managing officer
Apr. 2013 Advisor, TMC
Jun. 2013 Director

Key non-TMC posts
President, Toyota Financial Services Corporation (April 2013-)