Scion Marks Fifth Anniversary

June 23, 2008 - Torrance, CA - June marks Scion's five-year anniversary of being on sale in the United States. At launch the brand's goals were to bring young consumers to the Toyota family, and implement a new business model for selling cars.

"In five short years, Scion has succeeded in hitting these marks," said Jack Hollis, Scion vice president. "It has the youngest median age in the automotive industry, 31, and nearly 72 percent of owners are new to the Toyota family. These are the elements we measure to determine if the brand is successful. In addition we're proud to have an enthusiastic owner base and to bring new products, processes and marketing to the automotive market more than just new products to the automotive market."

The brand launched in 105 California dealerships on June 9, 2003 with the iconic xB urban utility vehicle and xA muscular subcompact five-door. In June 2004, Scion's national rollout was complete with 783 dealers and the tC sports coupe launched nationwide. Scion stopped the production of the xA and xB in December 2006 to prepare for the next generation of product. That same month at an unprecedented owner event, Scion revealed the second-generation xB and all-new xD four-door subcompact which went on sale in May 2007 and August 2007 respectively. As of June 2008, 982 out of 1,231 Toyota dealers nationwide are Scion dealers as well. Scion has sold over 620,000 units since inception through May 2008. With polarizing product, targeted marketing and a unique sales process Scion does not try to be everything to everyone.

"Scion's goals are the same as they were when the brand started, to attract young trendsetting customers and to bring new customers who had never considered Toyota to the Toyota family of brands," said Hollis.

"Scion will continue to push the envelope in all key areas of its business, from marketing to product, to the in-dealership experience to ensure that the brand stays personally connected to its target and on the leading edge."