Lexus Hybrid Living Showcases Eco-Luxury Design At The 'Earth Pledge Futurefashion' And 'Rodarte' Runway Shows

January 25, 2008 - New York - Proving luxury and eco-consciousness go hand in hand, Lexus Hybrid Living presents two of New York's most exciting 2008 fall fashion events. Starting January 31st, thirty of the world's top designers will come together to present cutting edge, eco-friendly fashions at Manhattan's Gotham Hall. Everything from renewable to reusable will be transformed by fashion's most groundbreaking designers into couture for the exceptional FutureFashion event by Earth Pledge. Lexus Hybrid Living's fashion presence continues on February 5th with the sponsorship of one of fashion's most anticipated ready-to-wear collections-Rodarte.
"Lexus Hybrid Living illustrates how design conscious consumers can maintain their penchant for luxury while helping to alleviate pressing environmental concerns," said Kimberley Gardiner, Lexus event marketing manager. "By sponsoring innovative institutions and events, such as Earth Pledge and Rodarte, Lexus hopes to demonstrate that making eco-friendly choices does not require sacrificing luxury and style."
Lexus will be creating a lounge at each event to showcase the Lexus Hybrid Living Collection, an amazingly designed collection of eco-furnishing options that use non-toxic paint and finishes, Forest Stewardship Council-certified wood, and natural rubber among other environmentally friendly materials.
This year's FutureFashion affair will add even more of fashion's biggest names than previous years. FutureFashion aims to educate consumers and fashion industry insiders that alternative environmentally friendly options can be incorporated into clothing lines without compromising designers' visions.
"Sustainable fashion is within reach and need not limit the range and quality of products that designers can offer," said Earth Pledge's Leslie Hoffman. "By promoting eco-friendly products, we can prove that style and sustainability can coexist - creating market demand and improving our environment and health."
The fashions featured in the show will be one-of-a-kind pieces that will be showcased in the windows of Barney's New York after the event. Esteemed guests participating in the event include: Burberry, Diane Von Furstenberg, Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs, Rogan, Stella McCartney, Versace, YSL and more.
Rodarte will premiere its fall 2008 collection Tuesday, February 5th in Chelsea (548 W. 22nd St. NY, NY 10011). Under the patronage of the environmentally conscious Lexus Hybrid Living initiative, Rodarte will demonstrate that refined design need not be forfeited when employing ‘green' manufacturing processes.
"Lexus inspired Laura and I to focus our efforts and integrate sustainable practices into our design process," said Kate Mulleavy, co-founder of the sister design team Rodarte. "Beauty is at the heart of what we do. It is natural for us to be invested in working to save all that has inspired us over the years," adds Laura Mulleavy.
As a special treat, Rodarte and Lexus will be providing a scarf, exclusively designed by Rodarte for Lexus, to front-row attendees. The scarf was designed using environmentally friendly processes and materials, both of which are qualities being championed by Lexus Hybrid Living, and will be given in a reusable bag made from Lexus billboard materials.
About Lexus Hybrid Living
As the only luxury automotive company selling low-emission hybrid vehicles, Lexus is a leader in offering products that minimize the impact on the earth without sacrificing style and luxury. Lexus is bringing like-minded individuals and companies together through its Hybrid Living initiative, a series of events and a web portal that showcases luxury products made with sustainability top-of-mind. Hybrid Living helps to define and inspire a new eco-luxury lifestyle by featuring furniture, fashion, art, food, architectural structures and other products that are kinder to the environment.
For more information on Lexus Hybrid Living please visit: For more information on Rodarte please visit: For FutureFashion please visit: To schedule an interview, or attend these events, please contact Dee Murphy at 323.906.0736 or Lexus will be providing car service in Lexus hybrid models to select journalists upon request.